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Please select a trip and complete the form for an online booking request. You can use the search filter on the left to quickly find your desired trip. Do note that bookings for the next 4 days can only be done by contacting our office. (See contact us details).

Please note the following:

- This feature is for Credit Card and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) bookings only.

- An online booking will only be official once proof of payment is received and confirmed to you from our office.

- If proof of payment is not received within 12 hours from this request, your booking will be cancelled and made available to other passengers.

- Please contact us  if you do not hear from us within 2 days after requesting this booking.    
We currently have the following trips available.  "Trip" indicates the start and end destination of each trip.
Please click on Make a booking of your desired trip to make a booking request. 
On the booking request you will then have the option to select your personal hop on and drop off points. (You can also view hop on drop off points 
here ).
If you have a need for a booking not on this list, you can e-mail us.   (See
contact us  details)



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